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Luggage Thief Brought to Justice

SALT LAKE CITY - A local Utah woman has been arrested for theft after over 20 items ranging from suitcases, bags, backpacks, camera cases, rubber totes and boxes were found in her home. Police also discovered a storage unit where even more suitcases and luggage were being stored, described as reaching from ‘floor to ceiling’.

She was caught after a tip off to airport authorities that she may be stealing luggage, after she had told a relative that the airport had just “given the bags to her”.

Obviously, this has led to great inconvenience and loss to the owners of the luggage and other travel items, in which not everyone has been fairly compensated. The woman is slated to appear in court in late March where she will learn her fate.

In the meantime, it is important you keep an eye on your luggage, as she is neither the first nor the last airport employee to take advantage of their access to baggage in order to steal personal belongings. This woman would certainly have to think twice before pocketing a bag with your face plastered all over it!


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