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The Drake Curse

TORONTO, ONTARIO – We’re sure you’ve heard of the Madden Curse… but have you ever heard of the Drake Curse? Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to. We know what you might be thinking, “curses don’t actually exist.” News Flash! In sports they certainly do and the evidence supporting the Drake Curse is nearly indisputable. Let’s examine further…

Wind the clocks back to 2012. Kentucky Men’s Basketball has just won the NCAA championship. Shortly after their victory, Drake began endorsing the UK brand and Coach Calipari specifically. The men’s Wildcat team hasn’t won an NCAA championship since. Strike 1.

Skip forward two years to 2014. Now Drake has a single out titled Draft Day, specifically praising and referencing Johnny Manziel in the chorus. But Manziel was not the only victim of that song. Drake also shouted out Andrew Wiggins. Both players would enter their respective sport’s drafts that year as top prospects. We all know Manziel came and went quickly like a shooting star and Andrew Wiggins’ performance has been rather underwhelming. Strike 2.

If you don’t believe the Drake Curse by now, this next one will get you. Rumor of Drake’s somewhat intimate relationship with Serena Williams was exploited by paparazzi in 2015. Serena Williams was in hot pursuit of a calendar year grand slam with the fourth and final event in August of 2015, the US Open. You guessed it! In one of her best years ever, she lost to an unseeded challenger and Drake was sitting in the stands watching it all happen.

Drake Curse

Recently, Drake’s sports curse has affected Connor McGregor in recent fights after the Toronto rapper was seen donning the Irish flag. Is McGregor even fighting anymore?? Less than a year later, the Alabama Crimson Tide Men’s Football program suffered their worst loss in the College Football Playoff to Clemson. Days before the game, Drake was spotted rocking an Alabama hoodie. Of all the players and program’s to suffer from the Drake Curse though, the Toronto Raptors may be the most slighted. Drake’s long time support of the Raptors has transpired into something more as he serves as the team’s Global Ambassador. He also serves as the yearly playoff curse as they have never made it to the NBA Finals since his public alliance with the team.

If you still don’t believe in the curse, take Drake’s word for it. He somewhat acknowledged the curse when he wore 76er shorts to the Raptors game 7 bout last week. The 76ers lost, no shocker there. Maybe Drake will find a way how to use the curse to benefit the Raptors in their match up against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals. Get an Antetokounmpo jersey Drake!
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