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Kawhi Dropping the Hottest Album of Summer 2019

TORONTO -- Some say it was coming, some say the shot forced it; nevertheless, Kawhi Leonard will no longer be participating in the 2019 NBA Playoffs, but rather pursuing a career in the rap industry. This comes as a shock to many diehard Toronto Raptors fans and will more than likely halt their journey to the finals this summer, but it appears this is where Kawhi’s heart is set. In fact, when asked about the situation, Kawhi responded with a few words, “I’m a fun guy” followed by “huahahahahuahaha.” We believe this to be a final decision.

So, be on the lookout this summer for what we believe to be “Klaw: Volume I,” and without a doubt the hottest album to drop from an NBA Allstar. It is even rumored that the Toronto legend, Drake, himself will have a feature or two. Whether he has any distaste towards the former Toronto star or not, is unknown. However, we do know that the Drake Curse lives on; this time not just a losing series, but a star player.

Where will Kawhi go? We’re not sure. Possibly Los Angeles to further his new career and collab with rising talent. We aren’t sure if this career path will work out for the Klaw, but what we do know is he's packing his bags and flying out.
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