What is a SuitFace?

SuitFaces are the best luggage cover ever invented. Designed specifically to address common challenges when traveling and crafted with high quality materials that make the difference in protecting your valuable suitcase. Having a personalised suitcase cover provides you with a coveted trait when at the baggage claim: IDENTITY. No more awkward encounters picking up someone else’s bag or shuffling through luggage options on the belt trying to figure out which is yours.

Speaking of the baggage claims, suitcases get beat up, thrown around, and torn up by the natural forces that accompany traveling. Whether it is the sharp edges on the baggage claims or airline employees throwing your luggage around, SuitFaces are suitcase covers designed to provide your luggage with extra PROTECTION. Our suitcase covers are a fraction of the price compared to other luggage protector companies… bonus points!

Let’s not forget one important aspect of SuitFaces, they’re absolutely hysterical. Whether it is a funny picture of your own face, one of your dog or cat, or even The Fat Jewish donned in pizza and White Girl Rosé, our luggage covers supply much needed HUMOR when traveling.

So what are you waiting for? A personalized luggage cover is just what you need to become a travel icon! Just prepare yourself for the paparazzi and bevy of questions like, “that’s so awesome, I’m dying”. Don’t die on us now, the glory of traveling has just begun! To fully customize your suitcase cover, click here! Or check out our pre-designed gold mine of luggage covers here.