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Kylie Jenner’s Billion Dollar Struggle

LOS ANGELES -- As we are sure you have heard, Kylie Jenner is now the youngest self-made billionaire in the world, ranking her among some of the most elite. How did she do it? She achieved her billion dollar glam up from selling lip accessories that have flew off the shelves quicker than Bruce at the 1976 Summer Olympics. So what’s so great about these lip accessories and why is every girl and their mother after them? To stand out of course. Kylie figured out the key to every girl’s happiness is by making their lips appear larger. She discovered that no matter if a guy was staring because he thought the girl was pretty or simply because he couldn’t figure out why her lips looked like over inflated balloons, it gave girls the attention they craved. This was a huge win for Kylie.

So what exactly could go wrong? Well, just like the difficult search to find your luggage at baggage claim, each and every girl who used Kylie’s products have begun to look the exact same. We’re sure you can imagine the problem that arose. While Kylie has obviously not been affected directly by this lip craze, we now have millions of girls all stuck in permanent duck face for better or for worse. But hey, at least with SuitFaces you can alleviate your own travel struggles and distinguish your luggage from the rest. One solution at a time!
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