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Trouble In Golden State Paradise

OAKLAND, CA -- For the sunny state of California everything may seem like a scene shot straight from a movie. The good weather, the glam, the pretty people… there’s just simply no way anyone could not enjoy living there! However, in the thriving city of Oakland there seems to be feud growing that could disrupt the famous bay area fairytale. It appears Princess Draymond and King Serpent Kevin could quite possibly tear the royal family of All-Stars AKA the Golden State Warriors apart.

So, what caused this feud in the first place? Well, we have reason to believe it all started when Draymond refused to give up a last second shot to Kevin due to Kevin’s inability to shoot with no arms. Seems like a reasonable excuse, right? Well, Kevin did not like this attitude and proceeded to hiss in Draymond's ear after the game. Although it was hard to hear, this is what we were able to make out.. “Draymond you’ll never sssssit on the throne, itssss jusssst not a donkey’ssss ssssspot.” It was then that Draymond responded with “Kevin, we can win without you.. Slither on.”

As you can tell, this situation was not taken lightly by either side.. Kevin even reportedly hopped on his burner account to proclaim HIS OWN loyalty to the Warriors. There’s no telling if this feud will continue to burn or fizzle out, but one thing we do know is that Golden State truly is an animal house.

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