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Sir Savage The 21st

LONDON, UK -- “Oi, is that mi favorite rapper getting handcuvved?” Yes, yes it is. It seems like America’s favorite “Atlanta” rapper has reportedly been locked up for his not-so-gangster origin, as of late. Now, we know what you’re thinking... Who is the real 21 Savage? Well, ladies and gentlemen the facts are piling up and it appears that 21 Savage is actually from the United Kingdom. That’s right, it’s tea and crumpets for ol’ Savage and it appears that his “shooters” are nothing more than some redcoats lined up waiting for battle. Is that a dagger? No, Issa bayonet.

As the evidence is coming together like a children’s puzzle, it appears that 21 Savage may soon be deported to the UK. But don’t fret, 21 has assured us nothing but classics from here on out. Stay tuned for his newest album, Fish & Chips Volume 1, dropping early this spring. However, if you want to see him perform live, expect to plan a trip across the pond and as always, make sure you don’t lose your luggage.
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