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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – You probably don’t know many people named Ellen, but then again there is only one Ellen in this Universe that matters. Ellen Degeneres, the legendary TV show host of the Ellen Degeneres Show (crazy show name, right?) has really outdone herself this year. Dozens of pranks but there is one that stands out in our minds. Remember when Ellen invited P Diddy onto her show in late October? Remember when she had a clown pop out of a faux table to scare the Puff Daddy himself? Remember when P Diddy’s soul practically left his body as he jumped up frightened not knowing if he would make it home that night? Ohhhh, we remember. Well played, Ellen.

You do know what they say though… it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. While P Diddy wasn’t necessarily injured from this clown stunt, his pride may have taken a minor blow. He bounced back with resilience and in Puff Daddy fashion though. Just a little over a week after the incident, he shot a short music video dressed up as the same clown that scared the living daylights outta him! Way to be a team sport, P Diddy.

And just like that we all thought everything in the world would be okay again. However, sources close to Diddy have reported that he hasn’t slept in weeks due to clown nightmares. Diddy has seen multiple therapists, talked with Ellen again, and even taken a How To Be A Clown 101 class to try to conquer his newfound fear. No one knows what is in store for P Diddy’s future but we hope he can make a full recovery and that Ellen can find mercy for her next guest.

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