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Lebron Breaks Emotional Ties With Cleveland, Heads To Hollywood

LOS ANGELES - Lebron, Lebron, Lebron, LAbron! After a mentally straining decision process, Lebron has decided to put the dreary Cleveland weather in the past and relinquish the burden of the city he’s had on his back for nearly 30 years. The move? Los Angeles, which boasts a yearly average temperature just below 65 degrees and a climate rivaling anywhere in the world… bye Cleveland. Combine this with Lebron’s true love of acting, which will soon bloom with his lead role in Space Jam 2, and any doubt of his move is erased. Also, let’s not forget that Los Angeles is notorious for their softer courts, which was also factored into The King of Flopping’s decision. While this decision was not as hyped up as his first exodus from Cleveland, the city will surely miss their championship savior who delivered them a title in 2016. But, for now, their king departs to create a new kingdom, leaving nothing but tears of joy behind.

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