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Hulk vs. Thanos Rematch

KANSAS - SPOILER ALERT! You may not want to read this article if you haven’t seen Marvel’s newest movie, Avengers Infinity War. Then again, this is BREAKING NEWS so keep reading..

Just when we thought Hulk had tapped out indefinitely, it seems like he had a change of heart. The big, green monster is truly unpredictable as he picked a fight with Thanos again even after getting served a two-piece and then some on Thor’s ship. It is reported the two were next to each other at a security checkpoint at a small Kansas airport and exchanged some words. Witnesses said Thanos started it off by calling Hulk a wannabe-Titan but Hulk called Thanos a cheater for using an Infinity Stone. The two were quickly broken up at security but Hulk’s final words, “scrap with me on the tarmac and see what happens little boi,” did NOT sit well with Thanos.

Bystanders waiting to board a regional flight said the situation in the small terminal escalated very quickly and as one lady stated, “as soon as those things got out of hand, I got out of their way.” The results of the Hulk vs. Thanos rematch on Hulk’s home turf, Earth, left the airport damaged and multiple planes mangled. The two were not able to be captured and taken into custody as their violent nature inhibited local authorities. Maybe we’ll see another rematch in Infinity War II?
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