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Game of Genes

WINTERFELL -- Spoiler Alert! Jon Snow gotta a heck of a lot of Targaryen blood coursing through his veins and he isn’t afraid to flex it. As we all have recently seen, Jon was riding Daenerys’ dragon with ease and the 150 foot flying lizard even seemed to take a liking to him. Talk about “Mr. Steal Your Girl”…

When Mr. Snow was informed of his true genealogy from his recent genetics test, he was somehow shocked that he was 50% Targaryen. What was the other 50% you ask? SuitFaces got exclusive access to Jon Snow’s Ancestry test and found out he is also 45% Stark and 5% Gryffindor. While Ancestry is still doing their homework on connecting the dots, we can clearly see that Harry Potter and Jon Snow are related. This was later confirmed when TMZ caught the two flying out of London Heathrow to the Quidditch World Cup finals.

While almost the entire world is ecstatic about Jon Snow’s genetic test results, Daenerys is not so pleased. She is still caught up on this whole ‘rule the 7 kingdoms as the heir to the Iron Throne’ tip. Talk about a power trip. Someone tell this dragon-rider to calm down and meet Jon and Harry for a couple butter beers at the Quidditch Championship.
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