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Disappearing Act

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Abra Kadabra! They’re gone, somewhere lost in the Southern California culture or cruising the Pacific Coast Highway under the radar. No more purple and yellow for Magic Johnson and Luke Walton. While he was the first to go, Irvin Johnson doesn’t appear to be pulling a magic trick as there is no return in sight for the famous NBA Hall of Famer. Magic stated that he just didn’t feel like he was having fun anymore in his role as President of Basketball Operations. Not having fun in L.A.?? Alright then, cya later!

While we can stand behind Magic’s decision to relinquish power from one of the most coveted administrative positions in basketball, Luke Walton just didn’t ball hard enough as the head coach. But Luke is no scrub… while he wasn’t a stand out basketball player like his father, Bill Walton, he did win two championships as a player on the Lakers. He should probably be thanking another L.A. Hall of Famer, Kobe Bryant, for those rings though. While some are claiming Luke can’t be blamed due to the, “Lebron Effect,” it looks like he will have a handful of kings to manage now. Luke Walton appears to be packing his bags and heading to Sacramento to coach the Kings.

We caught Luke at the airport and he said he was looking forward to a fresh start in Sacramento and said he hopes Magic is able to get back to having fun. What a guy… cya!

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