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2019 The Year Everything Goes Right

Despite having a sub par year and hoping for anything better than rock bottom, sources stated that the year 2019 would in fact be the year everything would go right. We know that sounds far fetched, but the delusional actually think they will change just because the earth got one measly year older. “2019 is my year, I won’t let anything get in my way, not my family, not my friends, it's just me and my success this year,” said Jimmy Lost of Supai, Arizona, resonating the feelings of others who had also set unrealistic expectations of their stagnant position. “2018 was all about building, in 2019 I’m finally going to eat right, get a raise, travel more, and solve world hunger. This will be the year things finally go my way.” The resolutions stretch far and wide, but sources state they will not make the same mistakes in 2019.

Although we can't predict the future of each of these individuals, we do know one thing. If you do plan on traveling more in 2019, make sure you plan your trip ahead and don’t lose your suitcase or get it stolen.

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