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Personalised luggage you say? Yes, that is exactly what you should be thinking. Having a luggage cover can not only turn your bag into a personalized suitcase, but it also provides several other benefits. A SuitFace luggage cover gives your personal property identity, allowing you to instantly recognize it when it is on the baggage claim belt or while keeping an eye on it in the airport. More importantly, a personalized suitcase helps to deter people from accidentally taking or stealing your bag! By customizing your suitcase and providing it with its own identity, you are reducing your risk of losing it… nobody likes a lost bag.

One prevalent, yet overlooked benefit of a luggage cover is the additional protection it provides your suitcase. On top of your personalized luggage looking great, a good suitcase cover will protect you bag from travel elements. Traveler bags often take the brunt of the force whether it is from weather or being tossed around by bag handlers. We all know how expensive suitcases can be, so keeping them protected is even more important to help maintain value. Our SuitFaces are practical and functional. Made with a Heavyweight Lycra blend (83% Polyester, 17% Spandex), your SuitFace luggage cover is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and the extra layer of protection your bag deserves.

Customized luggage covers are great to add a bit of humor or personalization when traveling. The chances of you becoming a travel icon are high, but the chances of you making someone smile, laugh, or comment on your awesome suitcase cover are even greater. With the airport being such a tense environment, we believe it could use some more of all of that! With our large variety of predesigned luggage covers ranging from flags, to jerseys, to food, and other awesome patterns, you can’t go wrong finding one that you’ll love. If you want a truly customized suitcase, no problem! Just upload your image and choose your background.

Each and every SuitFace is handmade to order and proudly manufactured right here in the United States! We take pride in using high quality materials and fabric when producing each and every SuitFace luggage cover. With four sizes to choose from and a sizing chart for you to compare against, we are committed to helping you find a luggage cover size that fits your bag the best! Our SuitFaces are also flexible enough to stretch around and mold to any baggage that is within the size range. Each SuitFace also comes with an easy-to-close velcro enclosure, ensuring that it stays securely fastened throughout your travel. With the face or design of your choice, everyone can have personalized luggage while also protecting their valuables when traveling.

Have any questions on why a SuitFaces is the best customized luggage cover in the game? Or maybe you have questions on some of the benefits associated with personalized suitcases and luggage for your family or business? For any inquiries regarding our luggage covers, don’t hesitate to contact us as we would love for you to become a travel icon with us!

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  • SuitFaces are customized luggage covers designed to add Identity, Protection, and Humor to your bag.
  • A SuitFace luggage cover can turn your ordinary bag into a personalised suitcase and provides your luggage with identity.
  • SuitFaces luggage covers are made of durable yet flexible polyester material designed to protect your luggage against scratches, stains, and other travel elements.

Print your face and fix it to your suitcase and never lose your luggage again!

  • Custom-design. Our team works hard to get a perfect cutout of your face from your uploaded photo.
  • High-stretch fabric, dust-proof, scratch-resistant, antifouling.

Quick Sizing Guide*

  • Small (19"-21") will fit smaller carry-on luggage.
  • Medium (22"-25") will fit larger carry-on and smaller checked luggage.
  • Large (26"-29") will fit large checked luggage.
  • Extra Large (30"-32") will fit very large checked luggage.

SuitFaces Sizing Chart

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